Blue Voyage

Starting the day with a breeze brought by the sea and the magnificent view of nature… 

A day starts in the turquoise paradise of Bodrum while filling your lungs with fresh air. That is why Fisherman of Halicarnassus felt in love with Bodrum the place where he was sent into an exile and sets him free. 

It is the Blue Voyage that keeps you away from the bustle of the city and take you back to the nature and serenity. 

It is not to stuck in place or time but rather to flow along with time or to stop despite the time. You have the privilege of choosing the view you want for the breakfast time. 

You can be close to the historic texture of the ancient city, in the shade of a green mountain, or on the shore of an island. 

Pleasures of cooking fresh seafood for dinner and accompanied by a nice wine with a perfect view of sunset.

It allows you to explore Hisarönü Bay and Gökova Bay surrounded by pine and sweetgum trees with pristine coves that snuggle into the bosom of Western Anatolian and ancient civilizations. Swim in their refreshing turquoise water, feel the golden sand beneath your toes and take a walk in green nature surrounds you. 

When night falls, a different kind of beauty welcomes you. Listening to the sound of the gentle waves of the see, you sleep under the millions of stars that surround you, hugging the moonlight and your loved ones. 

The city continues to flow, and Blue Voyage does not stop those who want to catch. This is a journey with a route set by you. 

When you take sail Rhodes and Symi, it includes you in Sirtaki nights or nightlife in Marmaris. 

Blue Voyage also becomes a journey to the past from a cove you anchored and makes you immerse in the historical and cultural atmosphere of the ancient cities. 

It was wonder of this uniqueness and freedom of the Voyage that back then made many intellectuals and artists head into the sea despite the challenges brought on by poor boats and devious, unknown routes.

Today, blue voyage is completely effortless and comfortable thanks to the development of yacht tourism. 

You have many alternatives to make your vacation special for you, thanks to the comfortable, wide, fast, safe and equipped yachts and impeccable service offered by Clandras Yachting. 

You have an experience where just enjoy the moment and you do not have to think about anything other than the beauties blue voyage offers you. 

Just immerse yourself in the waters and dive into the exploration of the Blue Voyage of Halicarnassus Fisherman, which transforms the town of exile into one of the world’s famous cities.

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